Connecting South Asians with local Communities to make a difference.

Kids are ready for Kindergarten.
At-risk youth get a stable path to life, education and career.

What is UTSAV

UTSAV has various interpretations in Hindi; a few of them are Celebration; Festival; Feast and Commemoration. Utsav's purpose is to encourage the “Gift of Giving” in the ethnic community of South Asia. The South Asian community is a mix of highly successful and privileged second generation children and newly arrived immigrant children whose parents are working hard to start their struggle to achieve “The American Dream”. Be a part of our team and together we can achieve a lot!

Who We Support

We partner with local charities and bring awareness about our culture and values though our work. We bridge the gap between South Asian values and main stream American culture.

What We Do

Utsav hosts fun, inspiring events and drives throughout the year that provides opportunities to network and engage with communities.

Our Volunteers

Regardless of where you are in your path to achieve individual goals, be a part of our team so that together we can achieve a larger goal for our community. Be part of your local community and meet like minded people!

Upcoming Events

UTSAV MELA in Bothell Downtown!

    UTSAV USA is proud to bring to you UTSAV MELA in Bothell Downtown, this August 25th! UTSAV MELA is a celebration to connect South Asians with local Communities to make a difference. For sponership and vendorship contact or send a message at facebook page. Come out to support the exquisite diversity of South Asia - a celebration of culture, music, dance, games and food. Immerse yourself in the world of South Asians. This event is hosted by UTSAV USA and co-hosted by: Terry Ryan – Vice Chair Snohomish County Council Andy Rheaume – Mayor of Bothell Derek Stanford – Washington State Rep. Guy Palumbo – Washington State Senator Shelley Kloba - Washington State Rep.

Devi Sri Prasad - Indian Rockstar DSP Live USA 2018 Seattle

    LASH GROUP 15% OFF SALE LIMITED TIME OFFER Devi Sri Prasad does not need an introduction to the south Indian audience. There is hardly any music lover who does not have a DSP number among their top 5 favorites. Enigmatic music composition combined with electrifying stage performances make his concert a must-go event. You'd want seats providing you the best view and proximity to the stage to enjoy the event. The only way to get the best seats for such an event is to book early. Use promo code UTSAV for group discount (15% off when you buy 4 or more tickets denominated $64 and above). These discounts will not last long. So, select your seats and buy tickets today before all the best ones are sold out.

June 2017 - Indian Cooking Classes by Seema Sharma

    Utsav Executive Volunteer Seema Sharma, generously opened her home and gave her time to conduct Indian cooking classes. This act of generousity helped to raise $2000 for the Domestic Violence Services through their annual auction. In total almost 20 people participated in the cooking event, giving the afternoon a delicious flavor.

Past Event Pictures